Pre-paint Poly Shutters Factory in China

  • Full types of PVC Shutters just in one place
  • 3 days’ delivery time once order confirmed
  • Water-based painting & Pre-paint
  • 5 standard colors: Snow white, Bright white, Pure white, Classic white, Off white
  • Less than 0.5% rework rate
  • Location protective services
POLY / PVC Plantation Shutters in China from Toroyal factory
Snow white - poly shutter color swatches
Snow White
Bright white - poly shutter color swatches
Bright White
Pure white - poly shutter color swatches
Pure White
Classic white - poly shutter color swatches
Classic White
Off white - poly shutter color swatches
Off White
Customized color available for poly shutter and shutter components

7-DAY DELIVERY Plantation PVC Shutters Factory in China

Poly plantation shutters, also known as PVC shutters, fauxwood shutters, composite shutters, polywood shutters, thermalite shutters, synthetic shutters, plastic shutters or vinyl shutters, are made from polyvinyl chloride, active calcium and processing foaming aid, which was originally designed to be used as an alternative material to wood shutters. It is a very important product classification in the window shutter industry.

For its excellent properties of durability, water resistance, fire resistance and non-toxicity, it is increasingly popular among consumers, especially in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

No matter hinged shutter, tracks shutter or shaped shutter, our experienced workers can assembly it easy and practised.

Our stile/rail joints is based on mortise & tenon, which is the most strongest way, and makes the panel can be distinguished from the vast of shutters on the market.

Poly Plantation Shutters assembling
Toroyal Shutter Factory

Beauty is in the details. Our experienced team are fully qualified with 20 years’ plus experience in the plantation fauxwood shutters industry. And working with Top 3 wholesales at your area for years.

The delivery time of our poly shutter components is 3-4 weeks.

Typically any new orders will be done within 7 days after received. 5 – 6 weeks delivery to oversea warehouse, we make it happen to compete with those shutters shop at local.

Quality shutter and shutter components from Toroyal
lifetime warrenty

The production can handle all kinds of strange requests from your clients, believe the lifetime warranty service makes them worry-free.

shutter and shutter components with best price
Same Quality
Less Costs

All the raw materials are from our own factory. Compared to other assembly factories, our costs are less and manageable.

FULL STYLES of Interior Fauxwood shutters are available In Our Factory

PVC plantation shutters are water-based and UV treated so that to resist fading.

Almost all the types of shutters we can make, including Hinge shutters, Pivot hinge shutters, U-Channel Fixed shutters, Bay window shutters and corner window shutters, Bi-fold and sliding shutters, even the shaped shutters likes French Door shutters .etc

PVC plantation shutters Hinged

Hinged Shutters

Hinged shutters are the most popular type of interior plantation shutters. More than 30 types of frame are available; the quotation we provided is based on the actual size of the shutters, NO additional charges for the frame.

PVC plantation shutters track shutters By-pass / Sliding

Tracked Shutters

Tracked shutters installed on the tracks, including bi-fold and sliding (by-pass).

Our factory offers FOUR bottom track options for Top rolling system. In addition to the top rolling system, we have another bottom rolling system for sliding shutters, which bottom track weight bearing.

The new system gives sliding shutters a smoother operation and makes them more stable than top rolling system.

PVC plantation shutters Shaped

Shaped Shutters

In addition to square shutters, we can also assemble a wide variety of shaped shutters, including: Arch, Sunburst, Circle shape, Stepped circle shape, Angled, Hexagon, Triangle, Octagon, Parallelogram or Raked with stepped louvers.

Double Hinged Shutters
Double Hinged Shutters
PVC plantation shutters Tier on Tier
Tier on Tier
PVC plantation shutters Cafe style
Cafe Style
PVC plantation shutters Hanging Strip
Hanging Strip
PVC plantation shutters Removeable U Channel Fixed
Fixed Shutters
PVC plantation shutters Corner window
Corner Window Shutters
PVC plantation shutters Bay window
Bay Window Shutters
PVC plantation shutters French door
French Door Shutters
PVC plantation shutters track shutters By-pass / Sliding
By-Pass / Sliding Shutters
PVC plantation shutters Bi-fold
Bi-Fold Shutters
PVC plantation shutters Raked
Raked Shutters
PVC plantation shutters Shaped
Shaped Shutters

Structure of the most stable Poly shutters

Designed to perform, beautifully built to last. Toroyal poly shutters using the aluminum reinforced louvers and stiles which adding strength and durability to a product that will give lasting beauty over the decades. Moist areas, high temperature region and harsh conditions provide no challenge to this shutter.

Plantation Shutters Structure
Mortise & Tenon Joint

Mortise and tenon joints are the most stable structure for plantation pvc shutters.

Gluing Joints with PVC Adhesives

All joints are glued firmly with pvc adhesives, and all the materials will not be used twice in the production.

Reinforced Louver & Stiles

All the pvc shutters are with aluminum reinforced louvers and stiles which adding strength and durability. The max of panel width can be 36".

High quality accessories

Beauty is in the details. Subtle changes in hardware can help transform a shutter’s appearance and instantly enhance curb appeal.

Panel Structure Exploded View from pvc shutter factory in China - Toroyal Shutters

Estimated plantation PVC shutters Fees From Factory

Every payment you make with us is secure. For each payment, we will receive a notification from us at the day it arrives. Please note that we use a UNIQUE account and do not change account information at will. In the event of a change in account info, please be sure to call us for verification to ensure the safety of your funds.

Below is a snapshot of the costs you may accrue:


We will prepare a FREE sample to our clients, which includes a number of shutter profiles option, one color swatch and a small panel with four blades. Please note that clients pay the courier fee.

Moulding FEE

Tell us an idea and the new profile you want, we will handle the rest. The moulding fee is required, it will be fully refunded after the turnover reached a certain amount.

Plantation shutter sample case
Toroyal Shutters offer free design solutions for new moulds and sample cases.
Down payment

To save your time on payment, we recommend to pay a down payment to keep the business ongoing, we will collect the materails, design the dawing, assemblling the shutter and ship the container.

100% Final Fee

100% payment to be paid against the copy of BL. We will notify you before the container arrives in port and you just make a single payment for each orde/order.

Shipping Process & Estimated Delivery Time

If you want to import fauxwood plantation shutters from China, lead time is an problem you can’t avoid. It can take 8-12 weeks from measurement, production, shipping, to final installation. Many end clients, when faced with such long lead times, may turn to local fabricators with only 4-5 week lead times.

Our factory can reduce this time by 1-2 weeks, and we were able to adjust our delivery process so you get the fauxwood shutters quickly and efficiently. Here are the steps on how we send your container to you.

1. Order Confirm (1-2 Days)

Make drawing and Confirm

Any orders received, our drawing department will complete the drawings within 24 hours and send back to the customers to confirm as required, and feedback if any questions of order.

Plantation shutters drawing made by designer

1. Order Confirm (1-2 Days)

2. Assembling (5-7 Days)

Assemblling and manufacturing

From material selection, cutting, assembling, accessory fitting, inspection to packaging, each process is carefully handled according to the drawings.

Most orders will be completed within 5-7 days, processing time for shaped windows or special orders will be doubled.

pvc shutters assemblling production

2. Assembling (5-7 Days)

3. Customs Clearance (5-7 Days)

Loading and Customs Clearance

In order to reduce the breakage rate of the shutters and increase the loading volume, all the panel boxes are placed standing up. Where there is an accessory kit inside, we will put red tape on this side of the carton so to remind the installer.

It takes roughly 7 days for loading, transportation and customs clearance, which is a fixed time generally, unless the vessel is delayed. For any special circumstances we will inform our clients at the first time.

Plantation Shutters and Shutter Components container Loading Photo

3. Customs Clearance (5-7 Days)

4. Shipping (18-25 Days)

Shipping by Sea

Once cleared, your plantation shutters containers will then be shipped to you through international waters. You can check the ETD & ETA at the online service of the shipping companines’ website, you’ll receive an alert from us via email as well.

To shorten the time we only choose direct shipping which is faster. Please note that the shipping time is different for different destination ports, like Sydney, Las Vegas is around 18 days, to the US East will take longer, 30-40 days, or more.

Please contact our operational experts for pertinent advice when booking the shipping space.

Shutters container shipping by sea from Plantation shutter materials supplier and factory

4. Shipping (18-25 Days)

5. Delivery (5-7 Days)

Customs clearance and delivery

Please note that this service is optional, for DDP or DDU terms only. Please just ignore it for FOB, CIF and CFR.

Same as the loading port, the time for customs clearance and land transportation at the port of destination is about 7 days too. 

Occasionally, the delivery time may be extended when traffic jam at oversea port, for any updates you will be keep posted.

Shutters container unloading and delivery

5. Delivery (5-7 Days)

The Manufacturing Process Of Poly Shutters

To assemble premium shutters, quality raw materials and experienced craftsmen are indispensable. PVC shutters from our factory, all the blades and stiles are aluminum reinforced, we will never accept inferior quality materials. Every craftsman has at least 5 years of shutters assembling experience to ensure that you receive home shutters without any quality problems.

This is what we do when it comes to making pre-paint PVC shutters:

Material Selection - Pre paint poly shutters assemblling
Step 01
Materials Selection

Choosing materials for your window shutter

Materials Cutting - Pre paint poly shutters assemblling
Step 02

Cutting the louver, stile, rail and frame as the drawing

Accessory Hole Punching - Pre paint poly shutters assemblling
Step 03
Accessory hole punching

Drilling the accessories holes on each part

Panel Assemblling - Pre paint poly shutters assemblling
Step 04
Panel Assemblling

Assemble the panel with tension screws and glue

Panel Fastening - Pre paint poly shutters assemblling
Step 05

Reduce assembly gaps by fastening the panel

Installing Accessory - Pre paint poly shutters assemblling
Step 06
Installing Accessory

Installing the hinges and tilt rod

Remove Plastic Film - Pre paint poly shutters assemblling
Step 07
Remove plastic film

Remove plastic film on the face of panel

Pre-Installation & QC - Pre paint poly shutters assemblling
Step 08
& QC

Pre installation, measure the size and check the gaps

Labelling And Marking - Pre paint poly shutters assemblling
Step 09
Labelling and marking

Marking and labelling the order info on panel, frame and carton

Packing - Pre paint poly shutters assemblling
Step 10

Pack the panels and frames separately

Poly Shutters Factory manufacturing Video

Our PVC shutters are assembled with pre-painted profiles, the assembling process is simple but the shutters are very sturdy and strong. From drawing, assembling to packing and loading, every step is operated according to our SOP.

Beauty is in the details. In this video you will see the manufacturing processes of plantation shutters and why we say only the best shutters leave our factory.

experienced workers
0 +
sqm of shutters every month
0 +

SOPs of shutters Quality Control In Our PVC Shutters Factory

Strict quality control ensures that the customer complaint rate of our finished window orders is under 2%. Belows are the main quality testing items.

Dimensional Inspection

Measure the width, height and diagonal of each item, tolerance within 1mm is allowed.

Dimensional Inspection - PVC Shutters
Structural Inspection - Dimensional Inspection

The blade closes evenly and there should be no obvious light leakage when louver closed.


Check the finishes, color of painting, no scratches, dirt stains, etc. Both sides of the blade are smooth and not rough.

Finishes Comparison - PVC Shutters
Gap Inspection - PVC Shutters

Use the standard thickness test card to check the gap between the frame and the panel, as well as the gap between the panels.

Protect your shutters, More than only Packaging

Belows are the packaging methods of our PVC shutters and the main packaging materials we used.

PVC Shutters Packaging Protection

Individual packaging

1 of 5

EPE Pearl Cotton

2 of 5

Styrofoam End Covers

3 of 5

Plastic Foam & Air Bubble Bag

4 of 5

Corrugated Cardboard

5 of 5
Individual packaging

Pack the frame and panel separatly. Multiple panels from the same item, one package for every 2 panels by default.

EPE Pearl cotton protective film

Each panel is wrapped up with EPE pearl cotton protective film.

styrofoam end covers

Panels are separated with styrofoam end covers for those two panels in one carton.

Plastic foam or air bubble bag

Plastic foam or air bubble bag covered on the panel.

Corrugated cardboard

The outermost layer is fully wrapped in high-strength corrugated cardboard.

panel packaging
frame packaging
EPE PEARL COTTON on PVC Shutters packaging
epe pearl cotton
STYROFOAM END COVERS on PVC Shutters packaging
styrofoam end covers
PLASTIC FOAM on PVC Shutters packaging
Plastic foam
AIR BUBBLE BAG on PVC Shutters packaging
air bubble bag
CORRUGATED CARDBOARD on PVC Shutters packaging
Corrugated cardboard

Find your shutters at a glance by Labelling

To save you time in sorting the shutters, we have clearly marked each box with the following labels.

Company or brand LOGO display

If you want to display your company name , brand or LOGO on the box, we can do it.

shipping marks

One front mark and two side marks on every box.

"Caution Heavy" sticker/Label

For the panel over 17kgs, the "Caution Heavy" sticker/label will be marked on the face to remind the workers to lift carefully.

Steel stamp mark

Will mark the order number and items on the Top/Botton of the panel, as well as the cross section of frame.

Red adhesive tape

Plastic bag with accessory kit is on the end side of the box, with red tape.

What is the most durable shutter material?


For plantation shutters, generally there are below commonly used materials in the market: Wood, Poly (Faux wood or PVC), Composite, Vinyl and Aluminum. Among them, wood and pvc are the two most popular materials.

There is no best material, only the most suitable. That’s why some manufacturers, likes Louver Shop, Starwood, AE Blinds and Shutters, Ameritex Shutters, all of them are making hybrid shutters – with wood frames and poly panels or louvers, this material greatly combines the characteristics of both materials and is very popular with customers.

Belows are the advantages and disadvantages of WOOD and POLY:

Pros and Cons


shutter components
Pros and Cons


shutter components

What Our Clients Say

John Doe
John DoePresident
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"Their product quality is stable and our clients are always satisfied with the shutters. Toroyal helps us keep ahead of the local market by sharing any updates on components and hardwares like new frames or internal gear tilts."
Chris Rocker
Chris RockerOwner
Read More
"We finalised our project with Toroyal after only two visits. They were very helpful and provided me with detailed information I would need in order to smoothly move forward. They offered us very friendly payment terms allowing us to continue. I am very thankful for this gesture!"
Simon Meyer
Simon MeyerSourcing Director
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"Shutters from Toroyal have better quality than local brands! When we needed some special profiles and frames, the factory quickly completed the customization of moulds and signed an exclusive agreement with us in order to protect our products from our local competitors."

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The basic knowlege about Pre-paint PVC Shutters

TOROYAL SHUTTERS have been making PVC shutter for 12 years and we have encountered all kinds of problems. To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about our plantation shutters:

What are your Shutters made our of?

Our plantation shutters are made from poly, which is also known as faux wood, pvc or composite. Compare with wood shutters, vinyl shutters and aluminum shutters, this is the most stable material in terms of performance.

Are poly shutters toxic?

The materials of poly shutters are non-toxic, non-harmful and environmental friendly. All of our shutter have past the Lead-Free Test, Phthalates-Free Test, and RoHS Test, by SGS. It is the most suitable materials for home, school and hospital decoration.

How long does PVC shutters last?

PVC shutters are excellent materials against moisture, fire and termites. These materials will endure for decades, even in harsh environments.

What is the payment terms for your factory?

Plantation shutters have shorter Order Cycle, ship the container every 1-2 week, to save your time on payment, we recommend to pay a payment to keep the business ongoing, you just need to pay the full container amount everytime.

What is the MOQ of your shutters?

Typically the MOQ of plantation shutters is 1x20GP container, while we support a minimum order quantity of 1 pallets for the beginning orders, approx 30 - 40 sqare meters of shutters for one pallet.

for a full container, how many shutters can be loaded?

A full container of 20GP/ 40GP/ 40HC, we recommend to load 300/ 550/ 650 square meters (3,200/ 5,900/ 7,000 sq.ft).

What types of Interior shutters do your factory make?

Toroyal is a manufacturer specializing in designing and assembling shutters with the following product types: hinged, tier on tier, cafe style, bay & corner, sliding and bi-fold, french door, as well as shaped shutters.

Free Color Swatch with four standard colors - snow white, bright white, classic white and off white, from Toroyal Shuters Factory
What colors do you have?

Our pvc shutters are pre-paint. Normally we have four standard colors: Snow white, Bright white, Classic white and Off white. Not available for customized colors once the shutters assemblled. However, if you have a special color using all the time but different with our standard, we can paint it and then assembllling.

What is the warranty on your plantation shutters?

The Stile/Rail Joints are based on Mortise & Tenon. All the stiles and louvers are aluminum reinforced. We offer the lifetime comprehensive warranty of structure and 5 years of paint warranty on our interior pvc shutters.

Do you Sell Directly to the Public?

Toroyal Shutters is a manufacturer making interior window shutters and working with our wholesaler and distributor partners for 12 years, we do not sell our shutters to public.

How do you process the damaged shutters?

Any damaged or issue orders we will remake it urgently and move to the latest container. Please note that we require a PHOTO be submitted with this form if the rework is a warranty claim. We may reject the warranty claim should there not be enough information provided to substantiate the request.

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