Poly Shutter components manufacturer in China

  • 100+ moulds, Customized molds & Exclusive Use Rights
  • Water-based paint
  • 5 standard colors: Snow white, Bright white, Classic white, Off white, Pure white
  • Customized colors available and no extra cost
  • 2 – 3 weeks delivery cycle time
Different type of poly shutter louvers from plantation shutter materials manufacturer and supplier
Snow white - poly shutter color swatches
Snow White
Bright white - poly shutter color swatches
Bright White
Pure white - poly shutter color swatches
Pure White
Classic white - poly shutter color swatches
Classic White
Off white - poly shutter color swatches
Off White
Customized color available for poly shutter and shutter components

One Stop Solutions of POLY shutter components

Poly shutter components is an exclusively crafted line of interior shutter materials composed entirely of solid polymer. This advanced polymer construction ensures unparalleled durability, resistance to environmental factors, and a timeless aesthetic. Designed for longevity and performance, our 100% solid polymer shutter materials redefine quality in the realm of window treatments.

We see that there are also many plantation shutter material suppliers, factories and wholesalers and distributors internationally today. But the quality varies greatly, and you may have a headache why each batch of profiles you receive has different quality, packaging, and even price instability. With us, we do not have any of the above problems.

Our synthetic PVC is a completely safe material for interior window treatments. All the poly shutter components passed the Light Ageing TestVertical Burning TestLead-Free Test, Phthalates-Free Test, and RoHS Test, by SGS.

Toroyal Shutters is equipped with a perfect quality control systems: Colorimeter, Chromatograph, Hardness tester, Blade drop tester, Anti-rusting tester, Surface Hardness tester, Pre-shipment inspection, etc.

Everything is done to ensure that each piece of plantation shutter part manufactured from Toroyal provides a quality experience for your production.

Toroyal Shutter Factory
A Leading Factory

Experience the unrivaled expertise of a leading factory with over a decade of experience in crafting High-Quality plantation shutter & shutter components.

The delivery time of our poly shutter components is 3-4 weeks.
2 -4 weeks Delivery

Normally the turn around time of our plantation shutter parts is 3 – 4 weeks, for the long-term partners we will stock goods in advance to make it 1 – 2 weeks less.

Quality shutter and shutter components from Toroyal
Quality Guarantee

Excellence in every detail, from meticulous material selection to precision manufacturing, Toroyal Shutters’ dedicated team employs rigorous testing and inspection processes to guarantee exceptional quality.

shutter and shutter components with best price
Factory Price Direct

By incorporating co-extrusion technology, we enhance efficiency by around 30%, leading to substantial cost reductions. Stay competitive in the market with advantageous pricing from Shutter Parts Direct, elevating your profit margins

Optimize Your Supply Chain: Quality Poly Shutters Materials from Factory and Supplier - Shutter Parts Direct

Poly Shutter components just in one place

Firstly, there are up to 100 styles of mouldings at Toroyal Shutters factory. Therefore, we can satisfy all of our client’s production needs.

Secondly, water-based painting with FOUR standard colors – Snow white, Bright white, Classic white and Off white. In addition, customized colors are available as well. Moreover, to make sure the colors matching, our production control Delta E less than 0.3 (△E≤0.3).

Most importantly, Film facing poly shutter components increase assembling efficiency, and no need painting again like wood shutters.

Different type of poly shutter louvers from plantation shutter materials manufacturer and supplier


Louver, also named as slats or blades, are the main part of the plantation shutters. Usually louvers are connected by tilt rod. So by moving the louvers up and down, we can adjust the light, air and temperature easily. 

As one of the shutter slats suppliers and manufacturers, Toroyal Shutters offers a variety of sizes, types, and styles of blades to meet the needs of different customers and markets.

poly shutters different type of stiles from plantation shutter materials factory and supplier


Stiles are the structural right and left parts of a shutter panel. Certainly, reinforced Stiles with alum insert are much stronger than the solid. Beaded stiles and Flat stiles are both available for us.

poly shutters different types of rails from plantation shutter materials factory and supplier


Rails connecting the left and right stiles of the shutter panel. They are the end part of the panels, on the top and bottom. Divider rails, or middle rail, will be necessary when panels over 1,500mm.

2.5" Poly Louver/Blade from plantation shutter materials factory and supplier
2 1/2" Louver
3.0" Poly Louver/Blade for plantation shutters
3" Louver
PVC Shutter components - 3.5" Poly shutter slats / Louver/Blade
3 1/2" Louver
4.5" PVC Shutter Louver and Blade from plantation shutter slats supplier and factory
4 1/2" Louver
Fauxwood Shutter components - 2" Solid Beaded Square Stile for pvc plantation shutters from plantation shutter materials factory and supplier
2" Beaded Square Stile
Poly 2" Solid Beaded Rabbet Stile for pvc shutters from plantation shutter materials factory and supplier
2" Beaded Rabbet Stile
Celuka synthetic 2" Solid Beaded Astragal Stile for poly shutters from plantation shutter materials factory and supplier
2" Beaded Astragal Stile
PVC Shutter components - 2" Flat Reinforced Square Stile for pvc plantation shutters from plantation shutter materials factory and supplier
Reinforced Flat Square Stile
3.25" Poly Divider Rail for plantation shutters from plantation shutter parts factory and supplier
3 1/4" Divider Rail
Polywood Shutter components - 4 5/8" poly Small Rail for plantation shutters
4 5/8" Small Rail
5 7/8" poly Large Rail for custom composite shutters
5 7/8" Large Rail
PVC Shutter components - 1.25" poly T post for window shutters
1 1/4" T post
PVC Shutter components - Reinforced Corner Post for plantation shutters corner window
Corner Post
PVC Shutter components - Reinforced Bay Post from plantation shutter materials factory and supplier
Bay Post
poly shutter components - Deco Z Frame for interior shutters
Deco Frame
poly shutter components - 2.5" Monterey Z Frame for window shutters
2 1/2" Monterey Z Frame

Estimated Poly shutter components Fees

Every payment you make with us is secure. For each payment, we will receive a notification from us at the day it arrives. Please note that we use a UNIQUE account and do not change account information at will. In the event of a change in account info, please be sure to call us for verification to ensure the safety of your funds.

Below is a snapshot of the costs you may accrue:


We will prepare a FREE sample to our clients, which includes a number of plantation shutter profiles and a set of color swatch. Please note that clients pay the courier fee.

Moulding FEE

If need a new profile, e.g. new frame, our factory will fully cooperate with you in designing CAD drawings, manufacturing and product testing. The mould fee is required and will be returned back when order a certain quantity.

Plantation shutter sample case
Toroyal Shutters offer free design solutions for new moulds and sample cases.
30% T/T Fee

30% downpayment is required to be paid within ONE week once the order confirmed. With a small amount of money you can lock in the plantation shutter maerails and the delivery time.

70% Final Fee

Complete your payment within a certain period and receive the products you ordered for. The final payment should be paid before container arrive at the port, which greatly increases effective utilization of your funds.

Shipping Process & Estimated Delivery Time

From order to your factory floor, our guide outlines the swift journey of processing, packing, and sea freight for your window shutter components. At Toroyal Shutters, we prioritize efficiency to ensure your components reach you seamlessly. Explore the streamlined process of your order—from fabrication to delivery—guaranteeing swift and secure shipment of your window shutter parts to your factory. Here are the steps on how we send your container to you.

1. Order Confirm (1-3 Days)

Place order and Pay the deposit

Once the order is confirmed, we will send it to the production. Our workshop will schedule the order according to the lead time to ensure the delivery on time.

Please send the bank slip as soon once the deposit is done, usually the payment will be reached in 1-3 working days. Once the payment arrived, we will email a NOTICE to you to make sure each payment is safe.

Poly shutter componenets order form

1. Order Confirm (1-3 Days)

2. Manufacturing (15-30 Days)

Processing and manufacturing

Manufacturing experience 18+ years, our skilled staff clear know how to control quality. Comply with established delivery dates and desired quality for each order, it’s always the top priority, especially at the peak season.

Normally the turn around time of our plantation shutter parts is 3 – 4 weeks, for the long-term partners we will stock goods in advance to make it 1 – 2 weeks less.

Oven Drying - Manufacturing Process Of Poly Shutter Components

2. Manufacturing (15-30 Days)

3. Customs Clearance (5-7 Days)

Loading and Customs Clearance

To reduce the breakage rate of the cargo, we will arrange for goods loading at the factory and then back to Qingdao port waiting for the shipping.

It takes roughly 7 days for loading, transportation and customs clearance, which is a fixed time generally, unless the vessel is delayed. For any special circumstances we will inform our clients at the first time.

Plantation Shutters and Shutter Components container Loading Photo

3. Customs Clearance (5-7 Days)

4. Shipping (18-40 Days)

Shipping by Sea

Once cleared, your faux wood shutter components will then be shipped to you through international waters. You can check the ETD & ETA at the online service of the shipping companines’ website, you’ll receive an alert from us via email as well.

To shorten the time we only choose direct shipping which is faster. Please note that the shipping time is different for different destination ports, like Sydney, Las Vegas is around 18 days, to the US East will take longer, 30-40 days, or more.

Please contact our operational experts for pertinent advice when booking the shipping space.

Shutters container shipping by sea from Plantation shutter materials supplier and factory

4. Shipping (18-40 Days)

5. Delivery (5-7 Days)

Customs clearance and delivery

Please note that this service is optional, for DDP or DDU terms only. Please just ignore it for FOB, CIF and CFR.

Same as the loading port, the time for customs clearance and land transportation at the port of destination is about 7 days too. 

Occasionally, the delivery time may be extended when traffic jam at oversea port, for any updates you will be keep posted.

plantation shutter materials, components container unloading to customer's warehouse

5. Delivery (5-7 Days)

The Manufacturing Process Of Poly Shutter Components

Poly shutter components, alternatively recognized as PVC, Fauxwood, Vinyl, Thermalite, Celuka synthetic, Polywood, and Composite interior shutter profiles or parts, are exclusively composed of 100% solid polymer.

Crafted from a solid polyvinyl chloride synthetic, the manufacturing process involves the use of cutting-edge equipment for extrusion. During extrusion, PVC resin, calcium, and a diverse array of processing aids undergo a controlled journey through a series of dies. Subsequently, the material is efficiently cooled using water to attain the desired shapes of Poly shutter components.

The materials has characteristics of real wood. There are non-toxic in it, and we don’t add any lead or mercury. Moreover, the materials are certificated by SGS. In a word, they are the most energy efficient materials to make plantation shutters.

Poly profiles mimic the aesthetic appeal of genuine wood but boast superior durability and resistance against environmental factors. Poly shutter components are crafted without cutting down any trees, ensuring an eco-friendly approach in a waste-free environment. Additionally, it is fully recyclable, further cementing its environmental benefits.

Both mono- and co-extrusion lines we have. Belows are the manufacturing process, from materials mixing, extruding, painting, film covering and packaging:

Pelletizing & Compounding - Manufacturing Process Of Poly Shutter Components
Step 01
Pelletizing & Compounding

The main raw materials of the profiles are PVC and calcium powder, mixed with a dozen other processing aids, no matter which types of extruders, NO heavy metals or toxic substances added.

PVC Shutter Components Profiles Extrusion from poly plantation shutter materials supplier and factory
Step 02
Profiles extrusion

Profile extrusion is the process of making continuous shapes of plantation shutter parts. Molten mixture is forced through a metal die and cut into the linear shape of the desired finished components.

Check and pick the shutters components at plantation shutter production in factory
Step 03
& Pick

Skilled workers will pick and choose each profile carefully. Only profiles with uniform color, smooth surface, no black lines and no pockmarks will be entered into the next processing step.

Cleaning Surface of shutter components before painting- Manufacturing Process from plantation shutter materials factory
Step 04
Cleaning surface

Wipe the face with abrasive paper, cleaning wipe with ether to remove dirt and wipe again with alcohol, everything is made to increase the contacting area and improve the adhesion of the paint.

Painting - Manufacturing Process Of Poly Shutter Components at factory
Step 05

When painting the face of the profiles, will have a small amount of atomized paint adhering to back causing roughness and non-smoothness. With the special treatment, we can ensure that both sides have same smooth finishs.

Oven Drying - Manufacturing Process Of Poly Shutter Components
Step 06
Oven drying

Baking in a 55℃ oven for 30 minutes allows the paint to evaporate quickly, ensuring the stability of the pvc shutter components and the spray paint.

Colors Quality Inspection - Manufacturing Process Of Poly Shutter Components at the factory
Step 07
Quality Inspection

Test the smoothness and glossiness of paint finish, control the color difference (△E≤0.3), thickness not less than 60μm, all the strict tests ensure only the best products leave our factory.

Plastic Film Covering on PVC plantation shutter components
Step 08
Plastic film covering

Plastic film faced on poly shutter parts will protect the surface and paint from scratching when cutting or assembling.

Carton packaging - Manufacturing Process Of Poly Shutter Components
Step 09
Carton packing & labelling

Each piece of profile is separated by pearl cotton protetive film. 7 layers corrugated cardboard avoid damages when loading and unloading. Carton size of each item is different, pretecting the components and increasing the loading capacity.

plantation shutter poly materials factory and supplier - Pallet packing at the production
Step 10

Cardboard boxes are the default packaging way, but it requires labour to load and unload. If your local labor costs are high, we recommend pallet packing, 1 x 40HC container takes 18 pallets, roughly 40 boxes per pallet.

Plantation Shutter Components Container Loading solutions

Optimizing export efficiency! Explore our versatile packaging solutions for plantation shutter components – from space-saving Carton Packaging for various containers to the stability of Pallets and the efficiency of Crates, ensuring your shipments arrive safely and in style.

Plantation shutter components - box packaging with carton
Cartons/ Boxes
  • Available for 20’GP, 40’GP or 40’HC.
  • The maximum loading capacity is 300/750/850 boxes.
  • Simplicity and lightness define carton packaging, offering optimal shutter profiles capacity. Manual loading and unloading ensure operational flexibility.
Plantation shutter components - Pallets packaging
  • 40’HC ONLY
  • Up to 18 pallets per container, with 40 boxes on each pallet, totaling approximately 760 boxes.
  • Stable with plywood and steel straps, pallets are forklift-friendly. Note: Minimal profiles due to space constraints, plus additional processing fees per pallet.
Plantation shutter components - Crated Packaging without carton
Crates without cartons
  • 40’HC ONLY
  • Container fits 12 crates, typically with each crate containing ONE type of shutter part.
  • Unlike pallets, crates hold plantation shutter profiles without individual cardboard boxes, enabling each crate to carry more materials.

Poly Shutter Components manufacturing Video

Shutter profile manufacturing is the process of converting powder into a specific shape through a series of complex processes, such as extrusion, cooling, painting, film lamination, packaging, etc.

In this video you will see the manufacturing processes of plantation shutter material and why we say only the best products leave our factory.

0 +
Extrusion lines
0 +
Kinds of Mouldings

Full Styles of shutters Can be made

Our poly shutter components can meet the processing of various types of shutters, as poly plantation shutter material suppliers and factory, we will provide a one-stop shutter solution for you.

What is the most durable shutter material?


For plantation shutters, generally there are below commonly used materials in the market: Wood, Poly (Faux wood or PVC), Composite, Vinyl and Aluminum. Among them, wood and pvc are the two most popular materials.

There is no best material, only the most suitable. That’s why some manufacturers, likes Louver Shop, Starwood, AE Blinds and Shutters, Ameritex Shutters, all of them are making hybrid shutters – with wood frames and poly panels or louvers, this material greatly combines the characteristics of both materials and is very popular with customers.

Belows are the advantages and disadvantages of WOOD and POLY:

Pros and Cons


shutter components
Pros and Cons


shutter components

What Our Clients Say

John Doe
John DoePresident
"Their product quality is stable and our clients are always satisfied with the california shutters. Toroyal helps us keep ahead of the local market by sharing any updates on components and hardwares like new frames or internal gear tilts."
Chris Rocker
Chris RockerOwner
"We finalised our project with Toroyal after only two visits. They were very helpful and provided me with detailed information I would need in order to smoothly move forward. They offered us very friendly payment terms allowing us to continue. I am very thankful for this gesture!"
Simon Meyer
Simon MeyerSourcing Director
"Shutters from Toroyal have better quality than local brands! When we needed some special profiles and frames, the factory quickly completed the customization of moulds and signed an exclusive agreement with us in order to protect our products from our local competitors."

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The basic knowlege about Composite shutter components

TOROYAL SHUTTERS have been making poly shutter profiles for 18 years and we have encountered all kinds of problems. To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about our poly shutter profiles:

What are your poly Shutter components made of?

Poly shutter components (or PVC Fauxwood, Composite) are made from a solid polyvinyl chloride synthetic. Extruded through high-tech equipment, the materials has characteristics of real wood.

Are poly shutters Compoments toxic?

Poly shutter components are totally non-toxic materials. We don’t add any lead, mercury or other heavy metals in the profiles. All the materials are certificated by SGS.

How long does PVC shutter components last?

The physical properties of the raw material determine PVC shutter components can last for lifetime. Composite profiles are hard to crack, bend and warp.

What is the payment terms for your factory?

30% TT deposite at order, the balance against the copy of B/L.
For the clients with shorter Order Cycle, we support to keep the deposit as a payment for ongoing business, so just pay the payment one time everytime when container arriving.

What is the MOQ of your Plantation shutters parts?

Typically the MOQ of polywood plantation shutter parts is 1x20GP container, while we support a minimum order quantity of 1 pallets for the beginning orders, approx 30 -40 boxes for one pallets.

for a full container, how much of plantation shutter parts can be loaded?

If carton packaging without the pallets, for a full container of 20GP/ 40GP/ 40HC, we recommend to load 300/ 750/ 850 boxes.
If pallets packaging, we recommend 750 boxes for 1X40HC container. Extra $100 for each pallet.

The Lead time is so long for me, will you stock up in advance?

Yes, In general the delivery time for pvc shutter components is 3-4 weeks.
But according to the customer's use cycle and the frequency of goods, we will stock the corresponding profiles in advance. So starting from the second container, you can save another 1-2 weeks.

Free Color Swatch with four standard colors - snow white, bright white, classic white and off white, from Toroyal Shuters Factory
If I purchase a full container of materials, how many sqm of finished shutters can be made?

It depends on the material utilization at the production. But from our experience, for a full container 20GP/ 40GP/ 40HC, which has 300/ 750/ 850 boxes of materials, can make 560/ 1,400/ 1,600 sqm of finished shutters.

We just started assembling plantation shutters at my shop, can you provide technical support or operator skills training?

Sure, we have helped several clients in different countries to set up the factories and provide training and guidance.
Of course, a small part of additional fee will be necessary if you need on-site guided training

Which colors do you have?

There are FOUR standard colors we have: snow white, bright white, classic white and off white.
Customized colors are available as well. Tell us the color value you want and we will arrange a sample. Note that we do not charge any extra for customized colors, but the MOQ for it is 1X40HC container.

Can we paint again over your painted poly?

Of course. We have other customers using the pre-painted profiles, they will use small part to re-paint customized colors at their painting room.
No worries at all about the re-painting.

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