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Exploring the Types of PVC Shutter Louvers: Solid, Reinforced, and H Reinforced

By Jason Su | Updated: 31 March, 2024

PVC Shutter Louvers - Solid, H reinforced and Aluminum reinforced

Are you aware of the impact that the type of louver in your PVC shutters can have on their functionality, durability, and overall appearance?

Many homeowners and even some manufacturers might overlook this crucial detail when choosing shutters, but understanding the differences between Solid Louver, Aluminum Reinforced Louver, and H Reinforced Louver can significantly enhance your selection process.

PVC Shutter components - 3.5" Poly shutter slats / Louver/Blade
Solid Louver
PVC Shutter components - Reinforced Louver H Style
H Reinforced Louver
PVC Shutter components - Standard Reinforced Louver
Alum Reinforced Louver

PVC shutters are celebrated for their water resistance, durability, and ease of maintenance. However, not all PVC shutters are created equal—the type of louver you choose plays a pivotal role in their performance and suitability for your specific needs.

This article delves into the three most common types of louvers: Solid, Aluminum Reinforced, and H Reinforced, offering insights into their distinctions and advising on how to select the ideal type for your situation.

Introduction to the Three Types of Louver Blades

Solid Louver

Constructed from pure PVC material, solid louvers feature a solid, non-reinforced structure. They are praised for their straightforward design and excellent privacy, making them suitable for smaller windows or areas not subject to significant stress.

PVC Plantation Shutters blades types - Solid Louver

H Reinforced Louver (or X Reinforced Louver)

A specialized category within aluminum-reinforced louvers, these feature an H or X-shaped internal structure for added support.

They strike a balance between the lightweight design of solid louvers and the strength of standard aluminum-reinforced options, catering to applications that demand moderate support with a preference for lighter materials.

PVC Shutters Louvers - H reinforced Louver

Aluminum Reinforced Louver

These louvers boast internal reinforcement with 6063 aluminum alloy, providing exceptional structural stability and durability.

Ideal for larger windows or high-traffic areas, their reinforced nature ensures they can withstand increased pressure and usage without losing shape. This makes them a reliable solution for environments requiring robust window treatments.

PVC Plantation Shutters blades types - Aluminum Reinforced Louver

Comparison of Differences


PVC Shutter Louvers - Solid, H reinforced and Aluminum reinforced
  • Solid Louver: Pure PVC without reinforcement.
  • H Reinforced Louver: PVC with an H or X-shaped aluminum structure for additional support.
  • Aluminum Reinforced Louver: PVC with an internal aluminum bar.


Types of Louver Linear Weight
Solid Louver 507 g/m
H Reinforced Louver 570 g/m
Alum Reinforced Louver 615 g/m
  • Solid Louver: Lightest due to the absence of metal reinforcement.
  • H Reinforced Louver: Offers a balance between the solid and aluminum-reinforced louvers in terms of weight.
  • Aluminum Reinforced Louver: Heavier than solid louvers and H reinforced louvers due to the aluminum reinforcement.

Application Scope

Types of Louver Max. of Panel Width
Solid Louver 24"
H Reinforced Louver 34"
Alum Reinforced Louver 36"
  • Solid Louver: Ideal for smaller windows or low-pressure environments.

  • H Reinforced Louver: Suitable for a wide range of applications, providing a compromise between durability and lightweight design.
  • Aluminum Reinforced Louver: Best for larger windows or areas requiring durable window treatments.


Types of Louver Price per FT
Solid Louver $0.4x
H Reinforced Louver $0.5x
Alum Reinforced Louver $0.6x
  • Solid Louver: Generally the most cost-effective option.
  • H Reinforced Louver: Priced between solid and aluminum-reinforced louvers, reflecting its mid-range strength and support.
  • Aluminum Reinforced Louver: More expensive than solid louvers due to the added aluminum reinforcement.

Tips for Choosing PVC Shutter Louvers

When selecting the right type of PVC shutter louver, consider the following factors:

  • Window Width: For panels wider than 600mm(24″), solid louvers are not recommended due to their lack of internal reinforcement. Aluminum or H reinforced louvers are better suited for such applications.

  • Budget: Your budget can significantly influence your choice. Solid louvers are the most cost-effective, while aluminum and H reinforced louvers are more expensive but offer greater durability and support.

  • Personal Preference: Aesthetic considerations and personal taste should also guide your choice. Each type offers a different look and level of customization.

In conclusion, the selection of PVC shutter louvers should be based on a careful consideration of window size, budget constraints, and personal preference. By understanding the distinct features and benefits of Solid, Aluminum Reinforced, and H Reinforced louvers, homeowners and designers can make informed decisions to enhance the functionality and appearance of their window treatments.



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